diving for cray

The photograph shows Paul, a young man with light ginger curls atop a tanned head, with a gap between his two front teeth. His face is round, cheeks full and healthy, and he smiles at the camera, kneeling down on the sand and the rocks. An old photograph with faded hues and scattered dust spots in front of the greyish background of sky and ocean, its corners are rounded and frayed. A man in his late twenties. A man who builds pergolas. A man who has just married the love of his life. A man who earned his scuba-diving license. A man who owns two copies of every Pink Floyd album. A man who used to drive a yellow panel van. A man who will live an extra nine months than what is destined for him.   Read More

Silver Steel

My time in this town had run out; I was off to a bigger city with new buildings, opportunities and people. I was finally leaving the place I had lived in for five years, longer than anywhere else in the world. Its old grey roads never led you to anything but what yesterday already offered; its cafes, shops, and bars acted as refuge for the same faces with only old stories to tell. It was a place where people moved to start families, to set down roots, because houses were affordable and jobs paid well, because the country is such a wonderful place to raise children. And whether they intended it or not, families stayed; children grew up and often married young or began careers there, finding themselves a permanent part of the landscape, as if the roots they planted years ago had burst from the ground and wrapped around their ankles, entrapping them. Read More




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Exchange Your Life

The lure of far off places, different cultures and new people is often compelling to university students.

The enticing freedom and experience of travel is high on most students’ priority lists, and most are already planning all the post-grad adventures they will embark on before beginning their future careers.

But what many students don’t consider during their years at university is the opportunity for them to see the world while they study.

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Bright Star

John Keats painted by Joseph Severn, 1819
John Keats painted by Joseph Severn, 1819


My dearest darling, How quickly the days turn to nights out here, and how slowly the darkness leaves the skies. The heavy summer heat continues to envelop us well into the night; though I suppose it is better than the biting frost of winter sneaking into the trenches. Read More

CheeseFest 2013 – A Day of Cheese and Wine in the Park

It is eleven o’clock in the morning, and already the temperature has risen above the estimated top for the day. The sun shines down unthreatened by cloud and the air is still and warm. There is still an hour to wait until Cheese Fest starts and yet crowds are gathered around the entry gates, people who have anticipated the warm weather and are eager for a weekend out in the sunshine. Some have arrived in large, chatty groups, and others stand waiting in quiet pairs. There are groups of elderly ladies with their hair in tight curls, a young man stands underneath a nearby tree with his arms draped over his girlfriend’s shoulders, his chin resting atop her head. A few people keep an eye on their watches, while some are too enthralled in conversation to notice the time. Read More