An Adventure to Remember

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Published on the AIM Overseas Blog Website: Week 3 – An Adventure to Remember

I am typing from within a train on its three-hour trek from Stockholm to Linköping, Sweden. The English Literature Summer School Program at Exeter finished yesterday, and before heading home I decided to pop on over to Sweden to visit friends. One of the great things about the UK and Europe is the close proximity of all its countries; I would’ve been a fool to not take advantage of that. A plane ride from Heathrow to Stockholm took merely two and a half hours; I wouldn’t even be able to fly across Australia in that time. I stare out the train window at the rain that falls thick and heavy onto the glass, tiny droplets racing each other downwards to the bottom of the window. Like a typical English summer, Sweden gets a lot of rain in its warmer months, and this rain and grey sky reminds me of yesterday, of my last day in Oxford and Exeter College.

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Home Away from Home

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Published on the AIM Overseas Blog Website: Week 2 – Home Away from Home

It’s funny how quickly a place starts to feel like home. Two weeks into the English Literature program at Exeter and already Oxford feels like a special part of me, a home away from home. By the middle of the second week, everyone gets settled in. Those colourful tourist maps that we clutched so close and never let go during that first week have made their way into desk drawers and out of sight; every street has become easy to find and walking around the city in the midst of thousands of rushing tourists actually feels relaxing somehow, because we finally know where we’re going.  Read More

Welcome to Hogwarts!

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Published on the AIM Overseas Blog Website: Week 1 – Welcome to Hogwarts

As soon as I arrived into Oxford on the train from London, signs of university life surrounded me. Even in the summer, when the majority of Oxford’s 22,000 students have gone home, the university remains an overwhelming part of this English city’s history, culture and attraction. Arriving a day early, I had time to wander around the city streets and enjoy the English summer sun as I explored my home for the next three weeks.  Read More