Lonely Souls

Source unknown
Source unknown

Two lonely souls that once were one,
Sitting on a bench of splintering wood
Surrounded by trees whose leaves have turned brown
Their sadness misunderstood.

By those who pass by in their suits and their hats,
Pulling their children by the hand
Walking through life not knowing the pain of the woman
Or the hopelessness drowning the man.

A family broken, like the mantel clock she threw
On the day he suggested they try
Try to move on and forget what had happened
Pick themselves up and begin life anew.

Behind a door upstairs is the nursery,
Where freshly painted walls collect dust
On the floor lies a toy wooden horse abandoned
And in the yard a new stroller begins to rust.

The months have rolled on, now they don’t talk or touch
Their marriage tumbling downhill
The outside world and those in it keep turning
While the lives of these two stand still.

While her cheeks once shone with glistening tears,
Her features now are cold
As she looks to the man who once made her smile
With whom she’d dreamt of growing old.

His weak, broken heart hears her sobbing,
Between cracks in the nursery door
The echo of her cries bounces off empty walls
And he falls to join her on the floor.

They decide one day to take a walk in the park
Like they did as a family of three
And they walk by the trees whose new leaves are now green
And their hearts begin to feel free.

Though they walked side by side down the cobbled stone path,
Both said not a word
But he slowly held her hand, and she looked up into his eyes
And at last their loneliness was cured.

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